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This Is Why You Are Important To The World

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t blink or time will pass you by”? Or something along those lines?

I hear that saying in movies and it reminds everyone to embrace what they have in the moment; to live in the now which in some Continue reading “This Is Why You Are Important To The World”

How To Not Face Your Fear, But Follow It!

So last weekend I actually did something that scared the crap out of me…

One of my awesome roller derby friends saw me taking photos of a game. She was getting married and asked me if I could help with the wedding. Naturally I assumed that I would be photographing Continue reading “How To Not Face Your Fear, But Follow It!”

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What Do Artists And Coffee Filters Have In Common?

I once heard a joke from a man who said “What do artists and coffee filters have in common?” and when I asked for the answer, he replied “They’re disposable!”

I remember being so furious I stormed out and thought to myself that he was ignorant and had no clue what he was talking about. It never crossed my mind ever again until recently… Continue reading “What Do Artists And Coffee Filters Have In Common?”

Here’s Why You CANNOT Give Up!

For the past couple of months I fell off the face of the earth…

I know this may be something that cannot and should not be said by a working photographer but I’m pulling the “human” card. Lately I’ve been in a world of funk about who I am, what I should be doing and what is my purpose in life. I know Continue reading “Here’s Why You CANNOT Give Up!”

What To Do When Your Dream Fails (& Why This Is A Good Thing!)

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe your passion isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be?

A lot of creatives make the decision to go out and pursue their passion, but then the give up because they soon realize that it’s just not for them. There were certain plans and ideas that I stopped or given up on because I thought to myself “Dude this sucks. I don’t think I’m cut out for this.” Continue reading “What To Do When Your Dream Fails (& Why This Is A Good Thing!)”

Why Failing Could Be Your Greatest Gift

Around this time of year a lot of people tend to get super stressed out about numerous of things. Holiday shopping, vacation planning or making sure you end the year with a bang!

Then there are those who’ve evaluated what they accomplished this year and realized….they’re not where they wanted to be. Continue reading “Why Failing Could Be Your Greatest Gift”

Five Behaviors That Can Kill Your Passion

Ever had the feeling that all of your friends are in their prime…and you’re still stuck in the same place?

Some of my students come up to me with this dilemma and ask what they are doing wrong: Am I not marketing enough? Is my work bad? Does no one like me? Should I just give up? Continue reading “Five Behaviors That Can Kill Your Passion”