How Are You Ending Your Year?

How Are You Ending Your Year?

The end of the year is upon us and this is the time where a lot of people reflect back to what they did or didn’t accomplish.

For me, this year has been nothing but a life changing whirl wind both positively and negatively. I road tripped all the way to the Grand Canyon, had a cancer scare and been to the doctors more times then ever, I stopped my portrait (more…)

Three Reasons Why Technology Is Turning Creatives Into Zombies

Three Reasons Why Technology Is Turning Creatives Into Zombies

A couple of days ago, I invited some friends over to show them some of my photo pieces.

I always like to get advice from friends so I can see how they interpret my work. They asked me how did I take the photos I told them that those pieces were taking with an analog/film camera. They replied: “Why are you still working with film? Why don’t you just stick with digital photography? No one does film photography anymore.”

A lot of people have asked me this question – they get confused as to why I still use analog and don’t take advantage of my digital camera. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely do use a digital camera and it works wonders. It’s quicker, easier and I have more control. Even my mentors say to me “You’re still working with film?”

If you think about it, as an artist, it’s a logical choice to make. Why wouldn’t I drop film and go to digital! It’s because I like to make sure that my brain isn’t turning into mush, or as I like to call it, I want to make sure I don’t turn into those artistic zombies.

Here me out a bit:

1- We live in a world of instant gratification!

Many people my age (and younger) lose their temper when the internet on their phone takes more then three seconds to load or when a person in front of them is walking too slow. With technology making it’s way into our life, we lose all patience and want things done now. We feel entitled to have instant gratification with everything. Much like zombies who are constantly looking for brains now!

2- In order to really have the things that we want in life, we have to WORK for it!

Many famous artists, actors and entrepreneurs that are known all over the world because of their success did not get to there overnight. They had to put in YEARS of time and effort to get to where they are and go through so much trial and error. With technology moving fast, we don’t have the actually need to put in the time. Film photography requires not just time but patience, attention to detail and brainstorming. Something that is fading little by little. Those people I call lazy zombies.

3-  It forces my modern mind to slow down, be grateful and appreciate the process!

I’m considered a millennial and I do have days where the self-entitled zombie will come out and crave for instant gratification. But because I’m aware of it that is why I love working with film photography. This method isn’t the kind where you can sit behind a desk and see what you are doing. When working with film, you are constantly going back and forth from the darkroom editing images from scratch. Film brings me back to a humble place and reminds me to never take the easy route because greatness is never a given, it must be earned (and that my friends is from President Obama himself!)

Now it’s time for you to change the world.

Leave a comment below explaining your way of slowing down and appreciating what you have. Or if you are still a busy bee, explain how you can slow things down and work with an attitude of gratitude.

With Love,