documentary photography in New York

This Is Why You Are Important To The World

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t blink or time will pass you by”? Or something along those lines?

I hear that saying in movies and it reminds everyone to embrace what they have in the moment; to live in the now which in some Continue reading “This Is Why You Are Important To The World”

Are you a SMART artist or a FAKE artist?

The path of an artist has developed a stereotype for years that the working artist is a “starving artist”.

But what defines a starving artist?

A starving artist is someone who gives up the daily 9 to 5 grind and commits solely to their art. It’s an artist who goes on a whim to Continue reading “Are you a SMART artist or a FAKE artist?”

landscape photography in New York

Turn Your Photos Into Art Quick & Easy!

One of the things that I have been exploring a lot lately is landscapes.

I’m mainly a portrait photographer and I love to spend one-on-one time with people. However after shooting the same thing over and over, you kind of get into a comfortable state….which isn’t a good sign. Why? Because you aren’t growing as an artist. Sometimes you just need to put your expertise aside and try something new. Continue reading “Turn Your Photos Into Art Quick & Easy!”

How To Turn Your Hobby Into Career

Has anyone ever told you that being an artist or a photographer is nothing but a hobby…not a career?

This has always been a struggle for my when I was growing up. My father would call my love for art and photography a “hobbie” and that it’ll pass – how I needed to focus on something more stable like a desk job. And for a while I did sit behind a desk and

Continue reading “How To Turn Your Hobby Into Career”

3 Quick Tips On How To Be A Badass Leader!

Has anyone every told you that you are just too weird…and it made you feel bad about yourself?

I’ve been having people tell me that I am weird, crazy, “special”, different…the lists goes on and on. I’ve even had family members come up to me and tell me that they are/were “worried about me” because of how different I am. As an artist, we are considered to be somewhat of a

Continue reading “3 Quick Tips On How To Be A Badass Leader!”

Here’s Why You CANNOT Give Up!

For the past couple of months I fell off the face of the earth…

I know this may be something that cannot and should not be said by a working photographer but I’m pulling the “human” card. Lately I’ve been in a world of funk about who I am, what I should be doing and what is my purpose in life. I know Continue reading “Here’s Why You CANNOT Give Up!”

The Simple Trick To Believe In Your Imagination Again!

Do you remember the days when you were a child and how life was so simple?

I like having those conversations with my loved ones because we reminisce on old childhood memories. And after going through some of my own, I realize why people think they their childhood was simple: because we had less responsibility & our minds were filled with imagination! Continue reading “The Simple Trick To Believe In Your Imagination Again!”

Top 3 Tips On Embracing Your Weirdness In The Normal World

If you’ve ever felt like an outsider your entire life – this is for you! 

I was born with the “weird gene”. My mother would say that I am the “weird” one in my family who has outrageous imaginations; that I’m just simply crazy. I have always felt out of place at home and in school so it’s safe to say the social part of my childhood years was lacking big time. Continue reading “Top 3 Tips On Embracing Your Weirdness In The Normal World”

Warning: The Worst Critic You Will Ever Meet!

As an artist, criticism is a part of my everyday life.

Everyone has an opinion of my work and what they think is good and/or bad. For some artists that I personally know, they can take criticism like nothing and it won’t phase them. And for others, it can hit them really hard and crush their self esteem. Continue reading “Warning: The Worst Critic You Will Ever Meet!”