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Preparing For The New Year? Start Planning Like This

It’s December! Can you believe this? Only few weeks until the new year!

And of course this is the time of year where everyone reflects on what has happened in 2015. Since I have been MIA for the last couple of months I will try and fill you in on what I have been brewing up for 2016:

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Artist vs. Love: How Artists Can Break Your Heart

There comes a time where artists have to make choices.

It can be a number of things: what gallery to choose, where the next job is going to be or what new series to create. We make choices for the better and to live happier. However when it comes to matters of the heart, things can get a little tricky and an artist can loose their way. Which then brings up an important question: The heart or the art? 

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What A Female Artist Goes Through (& What Male Artists Don’t!)

Has anyone ever told you that you are “suppose” to be at a certain point in your life?

Here is an example: When you’re dating someone for a long period of time, the questions that’s asked is “When are you getting married?”. When you graduate college: “When are you getting a job?”. When you get your first drivers license: “When are you getting a car?” Continue reading “What A Female Artist Goes Through (& What Male Artists Don’t!)”

The Photo Week: Here’s Why You CANNOT Give Up!

For the past couple of months I fell off the face of the earth…

I know this may be something that cannot and should not be said by a working photographer but I’m pulling the “human” card. Lately I’ve been in a world of funk about who I am, what I should be doing and what is my purpose in life. I know Continue reading “The Photo Week: Here’s Why You CANNOT Give Up!”

Top 3 Tips On Embracing Your Weirdness In The Normal World

If you’ve ever felt like an outsider your entire life – this is for you! 

I was born with the “weird gene”. My mother would say that I am the “weird” one in my family who has outrageous imaginations; that I’m just simply crazy. I have always felt out of place at home and in school so it’s safe to say the social part of my childhood years was lacking big time. Continue reading “Top 3 Tips On Embracing Your Weirdness In The Normal World”

How To Be Selfish Without Being Sleazy!

One of the traits/faults that I personally struggle with on a day to day basis is Giving.

How can giving be a fault?

When I was a kid, I became an automatic giver. It made me feel good knowing that I made someones day brighter in a world full of stress and despair. So I like to make sure that my loved ones are always happy and I give up my time and Continue reading “How To Be Selfish Without Being Sleazy!”

A Simple Secret To Relieve Your Stress (& It’s Free!)

You ever had one of those days where the stress is just too unbearable to handle?

I currently live in New York City and I can honestly say that this magnificent iconic place is a day-in-and-day-out-coffee-crazy-subway-jamming-stressful city! I mean why wouldn’t it be, it’s the city that never sleeps right? Continue reading “A Simple Secret To Relieve Your Stress (& It’s Free!)”

The Photo Week: How To Balance Life & Art In 5 Minutes!

Have you ever felt like you had to chose between your passion and your life?

This has been a developing problem for a lot of artists: finding the balance. The balance between creating your artwork, making time for your family, setting up a day to see friends, etc. Sometimes we get so consumed in creating the work that we love that we tend to isolate ourselves. And it’s not like we do this intentionally – we just want to make sure our work gets done. I struggled with this for years. Until finally one day it hit me…

I literally lost everything and everyone I loved around me.

I was so passionate about creating art that I began to isolate myself and just focus on making sure my pieces were done. And once they were I realized, no one was there to speak to. No one was there to share my success with and I started falling into a huge depressive state…

Three years later…I have an amazing partner by my side, I see my family on the weekends, just featured in an Inspirational Women Series and sold new art pieces to clients for Valentines Day. For a long time I’ve heard over and over that creatives and artists have to choose or are burdened with the choice of choosing their artwork over their family. And that my friends is a load of bull!

It’s possible to balance both!

I have seen and admired so many artists that found the balance of managing work and personal time that it has come to my knowledge that it can be done. And after picking their brains and experiencing this challenge in my own life – here are some tips on how you can find the balance for your work and your personal time:

1. Break Out The Schedule

This has to be the easiest yet the HARDEST part of any creative person I know: schedule out your day! Me personally, it took me a while to actually turn this strategy into fruition because I am as you say a stereotypical “messy artist”.

I am all over the place and just role with the punches, but it was because of that mindset I wasn’t able to complete everything I wanted to do (and couldn’t see my friends or family). Planing out your day and/or week keeps you on a steady pace in which YOU have control of your day and not your artwork.

2. Report Your Progress

Usually if we write something down we say we’ll get it done and sometimes…it doesn’t. But if you had someone who was keeping tabs on your to-do list, there is a higher chance that your tasks would be completed. Find someone who you can report to for your accountability.

It could be a fellow artist, a friend, a family member. Let them know that you are trying to manage your time and you need them for help. They would definitely be up for the task!

3. What’s That Old Saying About Rome?

Oh yeah – it wasn’t built in a day! So you have to remember that sometimes you can’t complete and entire art piece in one sitting. It takes time and patience. If you want to take an entire day to create work, then do that and schedule your other days for tasks that doesn’t involve art. Find out what works for you.

Now this is going to take some time to get use, and you probably won’t complete this all the time (I still get my off days and have to pick up the pace). But planning your week will give you so much relief and confidence that you have control over what you want to do. Just keep on trying and find your perfect balance.

Now it’s your time to shine!

Write down everything that you have to complete this week and sort them into Regular Do’s & ASAP’s. Look at your schedule and take five minutes planning how you can create your balance. How did it go? What things do you need to work on? Have you found someone for your progress report? Let me know!

Till next time – keep creating!




How Are You Ending Your Year?

The end of the year is upon us and this is the time where a lot of people reflect back to what they did or didn’t accomplish.

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The Photo Week: My Little Known Secret In Creating The Way I Want

October has been super busy and I love it!

Not only have I been shooting and meeting new people, but I’ve also been working on a whole bunch of art series that I cannot wait to show you.

Sometimes I get so excited about new work that is being made that I wish I could show you NOW and just have it all out there for you to see! Which even though it sounds awesome, it’s one of the problems that I have. Continue reading “The Photo Week: My Little Known Secret In Creating The Way I Want”

The Photo Week: How To Prep For Your Portrait In Just 5 Minutes!

You ever wanna walk into a studio and come out with amazing shots of yourself?

This is the wish and dream of every client that walks into my studio. They booked a portrait shoot and think that it is going to be great!! Which is how they should feel because having your photo taken is such a great feeling.

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