“Divine Intervention” series now available to take home!

I am so excited to share with you my wonderful conceptual series “Divine Intervention”. It has been one of those photographic journeys that’s really helped shift my thinking of the human body and the self esteem of women.

Through all types of news outlets, women have been influenced that their bodies will never be the “perfect one” or that they will never look a certain way. This subliminal message can scar someone for years and stop them from loving who they are. Yet this message is being spread all over magazines, tabloids, television, social media, you name it – they are everywhere!

So how the heck can women escape this? How can we just tune out all of the horrible chatter and refocus on owing what you currently have now, in this moment? That was the main focus on creating this series and I am proud to say that I have found me way out of the chatter through doing what I love – making art.

To learn more about the true essence of Divine Intervention, check out the series here on my website.

To see what prints are currently available for you to share and feel inspired, head on over to my online store!

Bring a piece of strength with you!

Kimberly Patino Prints


Hope you enjoy!




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