In case you haven’t noticed, selfies are on the rise!

Every person in the world has taken a selfie (aka a self portrait) of themselves at least once. It’s the new thing! And as a photographer, I love looking through selfies on Instagram & Twitter and I love posting them. It’s all part of the new generation!

But what I’ve noticed is that many people take a photo of themselves, put it up on social media, wait for the amazing comments to showand they get nothing.

And it’s come to my knowledge that most people haven’t mastered the selfie yet.

You’re probably thinking “Master the selfie? How the heck can you master a selfie? You just take a photo of yourself and that’s it.” But as a working photog who takes portraits all the time, there is more to it then just a snap shot. A lot of my friends ask me to look at there photos and with just a few simple tips, it completely transformed their selfie game. So I thought to myself “Why don’t I just share this!”

On today’s post I’m going to go over the top tips on how to take an awesome selfie on your very own smart phone! 🙂

1. Natural Light Is Your Friend

If you see photographer portfolios regardless of what realm they shoot in (weddings, events, portraits, etc.) you will mostly see images of models in natural light. That’s because it is the warmest and most flattering light there is! Even in studio sessions, photographers use large soft strobe lights to capture a look because it’s another form of natural light. So turn off that overhead light and go outside for a great selfie!

2. Walk Into The Light!

No I don’t mean it in THAT way. Most people take selfies while the light is behind them but because it is so bright in the background, you disappear. We want to see your gorgeous face, not the background. So make sure that you face is towards the direction of the light. I can go on and on about light, but here is the short and sweet version:

  • Indoor Natural Light – Look towards the light to have a smooth glow on your skin and a dark subtle background. This makes the photo all about you, which is what you want!
  • Outdoor Natural Light – Find a shaded spot, especially if it’s a super sunny day. If you look into the sunlight you will squint your eyes. If you have your back away from the sunlight you will have a very dark photo of yourself because the camera will try to focus on the background and not you. Find a tree to stand under or pose against so that the natural light will surround you and give you a soft glow.

3. All About Angles

You ever seen (or know) those people that before someone takes a photo they will say “Wait let me get on my good side!” That’s because they know which angle they look the most flattering. I see lots of selfies where people haven’t really mastered what angle they look awesome in. So play around! Take images of all different types of angles

4. Your Background Matters

Now I know a lot of people have seen selfies on the internet and think to themselves “Oh no!” when they see dirty bathroom mirrors or clothes all over the floor in there room. And what ends up happening is no one remembers your outfit or how awesome you look – they are gonna remember you as the person with a messy room (that is an embarrassing no no!). So remember no matter where you take your selfie, your background matters. Pick a nice an subtle place like a park or a wall with a nice pattern. Just make sure that it does not overpower your photo because we want to see you!

5. The Best Feature On Your Phone: Timers!

This is one of the secrets that I use when I take a selfie from my phone or even my Canon. Set a timer on your camera and position where you want it!

Smart phones now have this feature of putting a timer on so that you don’t have to have your arm on the side of your photo. This is great for when you don’t have a friend around to hold the camera or for taking in door images!

6. Ask A Friend!

If you aren’t sure which angle you look good in or what type of lighting would be nice, just ask a friend! They can give you a fresher perspective and, if they’re an awesome friend, will take a photo of you in different angles to help you see which is your good side. Friends are cool like that 🙂

7. The Art of Filters

Now with Instagram and Twitter (and smart phones), you can boost your selfie with filters and cropping features. What I see a lot of people do with filters is that they use a super contrast-y filter that makes the background look cool – but then their face looks blotchy. When using filters, make sure it enhances to your photo instead of taking away your facial features. My personal favorite Instagram filters for selfies are Valencia, Sierra and Hudson.

8. Photoshop On Your Phone!

There are days when you take a photo and notice “Crap a pimple!” Sometimes you can cover it up with makeup and sometimes makeup just makes it look worse. That is why the “App Gods” created the Edit feature on your phone! Once you go to an image to edit, it has simple features that take away blemishes, pimples and even smooths your skin. Make sure you have this feature on your phone and if not, you can download the Photoshop app that has these features and more (and it’s free!).

9. Hide The Ladies

This tip is mainly for the women – the ones who take a beautiful selfie but the only thing people see and say are  “Whoa, her boobs!”. If you have an awesome chest and you wanna flaunt it, go ahead with your bad self! But if you want people to look at your face and not down your blouse…cover the ladies ladies haha!

10. Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

You are not conceited for taking a selfie! I see people who are embarrassed to take selfies on trains or where people can see them. They feel like everyone is going to judge them – screw that! If you look good and your outfit is on point, take that selfie! You’re beautiful and people need to know that. There is no shame in confidence!

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments below, I wanna see some selfies!!! Post a selfie of yourself and show everyone how awesome you look.

And if you like this story or know someone who can use a little helpful tips, please share it with your friends!

I’d love to hear your story!

See you on the selfie lane,