How To Prep For Your Portrait In Just 5 Minutes!

You ever wanna walk into a studio and come out with amazing shots of yourself?

This is the wish and dream of every client that walks into my studio. They booked a portrait shoot and think that it is going to be great!! Which is how they should feel because having your photo taken is such a great feeling.

We want to look good in our photos!

That is the sole purpose of getting your image taken. Whether you are a model, actress or entrepreneur – your portrait is what is going to attract people to you. And of course you want to make a good impression.

But sometimes we think we can’t do anything about it.

You ever had those times where you have to take a million photos of yourself before you can find that one shot that makes you look and feel amazing? It’s happened to me tons of times. And it gets so tiring!!

But here is the thing: anyone can look amazing and have a terrific portrait of themselves and their families by prepping for your shoot.

Here’s some tips on how to prep for your shoot in just five minutes:

1 – What To Wear

If this is your first photo shoot, what you will be wearing is important. Depending on what kind of images you want, dress as you normally would or in something that makes you feel great about yourself. The only rules for this is the no logo rule which means to make sure whatever shirt / blouse that you are going to wear doesn’t have any logos. It will distract the viewer from your face.

2 – Check the Little Details

Every time I book a photo session with ladies they forget the one common thing that they never thought to prep: their nails. Some photographers like to position your hands along your face or near your chin, which is where your hands are in plain view. The last thing you want is your photo to have dirty finger nails or chipped nail polish. So a quick cleaning should do just the trick.

3 – For Children

Portraits of children or having a huge family photo session can be a memorable and beautiful experience…if you know how to book it right. Depending on the age of your little one, think about what time of day works best for your them and try to avoid booking a shoot during a nap or feeding time. You don’t want to make them cranky and uncomfortable. The no logo rule applies to your children as well, you want to make sure that the camera focuses on their beautiful faces.

4 – Be Yourself

Any photographers goal is to make sure they give you the most natural and elegant photo of yourself while still adding their our artistic flair. So to help capture the essence of who you are and how you great you look, it is important to relax and just be yourself.

Now it’s your time to shine!

How do you prepare yourself for your photo sessions? And if you haven’t had a photo session yet, what types of things would you do to prepare for the shoot? A facial? A new wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to hear your story!

With Love,




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