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This Is Why You Are Important To The World

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t blink or time will pass you by”? Or something along those lines?

I hear that saying in movies and it reminds everyone to embrace what they have in the moment; to live in the now which in some Continue reading “This Is Why You Are Important To The World”

Are you a SMART artist or a FAKE artist?

The path of an artist has developed a stereotype for years that the working artist is a “starving artist”.

But what defines a starving artist?

A starving artist is someone who gives up the daily 9 to 5 grind and commits solely to their art. It’s an artist who goes on a whim to Continue reading “Are you a SMART artist or a FAKE artist?”

How To Turn Your Hobby Into Career

Has anyone ever told you that being an artist or a photographer is nothing but a hobby…not a career?

This has always been a struggle for my when I was growing up. My father would call my love for art and photography a “hobbie” and that it’ll pass – how I needed to focus on something more stable like a desk job. And for a while I did sit behind a desk and

Continue reading “How To Turn Your Hobby Into Career”

How To Be Selfish Without Being Sleazy!

One of the traits/faults that I personally struggle with on a day to day basis is Giving.

How can giving be a fault?

When I was a kid, I became an automatic giver. It made me feel good knowing that I made someones day brighter in a world full of stress and despair. So I like to make sure that my loved ones are always happy and I give up my time and Continue reading “How To Be Selfish Without Being Sleazy!”

Stuck In The Present? Here’s How You Can Live Your Dream Now!

Have you ever just wanted to have a fresh new start and to begin again as a new you?

I’ve felt that way in my life for years! To just one day pack up my things, leave everything behind and start a fresh life as the person I want to become instead of what others want me to be. Sometimes it is the easiest decision for people to make, and for others it takes courage just to take the first step. Continue reading “Stuck In The Present? Here’s How You Can Live Your Dream Now!”

How Are You Ending Your Year?

The end of the year is upon us and this is the time where a lot of people reflect back to what they did or didn’t accomplish.

For me, this year has been nothing but a life changing whirl wind both positively and negatively. I road tripped all the way to the Grand Canyon, had a cancer scare and been to the doctors more times then ever, I stopped my portrait Continue reading “How Are You Ending Your Year?”

Want To Be Free To Live Your Passion? Spolight on Will De La Rosa!

Everyone is searching for that same dream.

The dream of one day having the freedom to do whatever it is that they want.

But for most people, that is all it will ever be: a dream. Some cower away thinking that they are too old or it’s too late for them to even have dreams of their own. The train has left and they would look stupid trying to run after it. Continue reading “Want To Be Free To Live Your Passion? Spolight on Will De La Rosa!”

How I Went From Model To Photographer

Have you ever had a weird or uncomfortable experience that just made you want to do something about it?

I’ve seen people go through good and bad experiences all the time. Every time I ask my clients what their experience was when working with me, I get a general statement like this: Continue reading “How I Went From Model To Photographer”