landscape photography in New York

Turn Your Photos Into Art Quick & Easy!

One of the things that I have been exploring a lot lately is landscapes.

I’m mainly a portrait photographer and I love to spend one-on-one time with people. However after shooting the same thing over and over, you kind of get into a comfortable state….which isn’t a good sign. Why? Because you aren’t growing as an artist. Sometimes you just need to put your expertise aside and try something new. Continue reading “Turn Your Photos Into Art Quick & Easy!”

Finding The Beauty In The Disaster

One of the things I absolutely love is nature. I can be surrounded by nature all day and feel nothing but joy! So when Will and I had time to go to one of our favorite parks to photograph, we leaped at the chance.

What happened when we arrived was just an utter shock… Continue reading “Finding The Beauty In The Disaster”

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This Is Why Your Work Isn’t In Galleries (& How To Change That!)

Do you ever question whether your work is great because a gallery says NO to you?

Why wouldn’t you! One of the things that gets artists discouraged is when they submit their final piece to a gallery and receive a rejection letter. Sometimes other galleries don’t even bother Continue reading “This Is Why Your Work Isn’t In Galleries (& How To Change That!)”