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This Is Why You Are Important To The World

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t blink or time will pass you by”? Or something along those lines?

I hear that saying in movies and it reminds everyone to embrace what they have in the moment; to live in the now which in some Continue reading “This Is Why You Are Important To The World”

Artist vs. Love: How Artists Can Break Your Heart

There comes a time where artists have to make choices.

It can be a number of things: what gallery to choose, where the next job is going to be or what new series to create. We make choices for the better and to live happier. However when it comes to matters of the heart, things can get a little tricky and an artist can loose their way. Which then brings up an important question: The heart or the art? 

Continue reading “Artist vs. Love: How Artists Can Break Your Heart”

Why It’s Great To Go Back To The Basics

Most of the work that I have been focusing on is photography related and I absolutely love it!

I really pushed me to use technology since I really love to focus on sketching and painting. I first started my art journey through painting and I developed everything form there. But when it came to photography and using photoshop – that was a huge challenge for me to face. And I’d like to think that I am doing an awesome job (let me know what you think haha!) Continue reading “Why It’s Great To Go Back To The Basics”

Top 5 Things You Should Ask Your Photographer BEFORE Your Shoot!

Do you ever have a nervous feeling whenever you are introduced or meet someone new?

I know their are times where I get a little shy when I do meet new people because I never want to come off as rude or disrespectful.

It’s like going into a job interview for the first time – you have no idea who you are going to meet or you’re afraid you are going to trip and fall flat on your face (which has happened to me before haha!). Continue reading “Top 5 Things You Should Ask Your Photographer BEFORE Your Shoot!”

The Real Truth About Your Photos

“So, why art?”

I get asked that question a lot! I think almost every artist get asked the same question about the work that they do – the why question. Out of all the things in the world that you could be doing, why did you choose this profession or why this medium of art. And the response that I use to give was “I didn’t really choose it, it chose me.” Continue reading “The Real Truth About Your Photos”